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Feeling a little under the weather

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Tuesday May 10, 2016

1:30 pm

Forgive my absence; the last few days I have spent dealing with a couple of my health challenges. Seems that the prescription Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferaol) is not carried here in Egypt. We traveled to and contacted several pharmacy chains and what they have is an injection that is 2 – 3 times more potent than what I am required to take (100,000 units) per month. I was finally able to reach my endocrinologist in the USA and she advised me to continue to take, but increase, the Vitamin D3 supplement I have been taking all along and don’t worry about the ergocalciferaol. This concerns me, since I’ve been taking the prescription Vitamin D2 for 8 years – ever since my thyroid was removed due to cancer. Have I not needed to take it all along? I’ve been taking the Vitamin D3 supplement as well so why is only one of them going to be effective in maintaining my Vitamin D levels now? I can’t help but wonder if I am just some guinea pig in an experiment to see what works or doesn’t work! Are There any REAL doctors in the house?!

I have also been challenged with the back/hip/knee issues that have plagued me the last few years. Sometimes it seems it’s getting better; then some days, my lower extremities feel like they don’t belong to me and it is a major effort to get my body to move! I’m staying positive and faithful that Allah will heal me. I have lost 40 pounds in 2 years, I make an effort to walk and stretch daily, AND I went to a pain consultant yesterday here in Egypt. A very knowledgeable young woman, she has given me some instructions to get MRI, Xrays, and a dexa scan (for bone density) and return within 2 weeks.

Now I’m really upset with myself! I had ALL of those tests completed recently in America! But in the mad rush at the end, on the day I was leaving for Egypt, wouldn’t you know I would leave all of my medical documentation behind? For me that was a MAJOR mistake! I’m trying to not beat up on myself too much; my daughter with whom I lived has promised to gather it all and send to me by DHL Express. Alhamdulillah!


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