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These Folks Love to Eat!

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Friday May 6, 2016

7:40 am

Just finished watching the video made by my blog consultant Clarke. I will definitely be using him as I work to improve my blogging skills. For a novice like me, he is very patient and thorough, providing thorough explanations and solutions to all of my questions. Check his link out under resources if you are so inclined to start blogging!

Now for the most recent food/eating experience here in Egypt! My daughter and I went to a sister’s house for what I THOUGHT was going to be coffee and cake/pastries. There is a friend of hers (a German sister, married to an Egyptian) that is going to the States and may not be returning to Egypt. They are going to “see how it is…) and make a decision once they arrive stateside. Not a good idea, in my humble opinion. The current political climate with the election, the growing vein of Islamophobia pulsating to the heart of America, is one of the reasons I left. She made a point that there are some strong Muslim communities there and they attend to live in one. However, the vast majority of Muslims are not so fortunate to live in one of those “cloistered” communities (i.e Dearborn, parts of New Jersey , etc). So I’ll take my chances here in Egypt of not living in fear of harassment for the religion I choose to follow. I pray for all the best to her and her family.

Anywho, it was SUPPOSED to be coffee and pastries we were having for her farewell affair Thursday morning. Well, just take a look here!

Coffee & Pasties turned Luncheon!

Coffee & Pasties turned Luncheon!

I met some wonderful sisters there from different countries/cultures and look forward to spending more time with them studying Arabic and Quran. I also mentioned my desire to start a Clean Cairo project to involve the youth in preserving this sacred land by keeping it clean! There were a number of sisters who pledged their willingness to get involved. Yay!

When we left there, we stopped at Oscar’s Supermarket. Watch out Wegman’s – Oscar’s is on your heels to provide just grocery shopping but a whole new experience! We needed to pick up a few things for the dinner my daughter had planned for the evening to introduce me to some sisters around my age. Even though it was being catered by a sister from Thailand (yes, Thai food!), we still needed some other items.

Thai Entrees

Thai Entrees

Even though a couple of sisters cancelled and were not able to make it, we had an absolutely wonderful evening! Two sisters came and we ate and talked until well after 11 pm!  It is amazing how our experiences are so similar with respect to our adult children. I will continue to develop a relationship with both of them. “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” I believe last night was the beginning of building a bond of intimacy with other women that I presently only enjoy with a few. I am happy to have met them!


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