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My Hiatus

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I want to apologize to my avid readers for the lengthy hiatus away from my blog. The first “wrench in the works” occurred when the super, duper, Lenovo Yoga laptop I purchased, just 2 weeks before moving to Egypt, ended up being a lemon! An emergency trip back to the US to get my house rented gave me the opportunity to ship it back to the manufacturer for a FULL refund. YAY!!!! My trip lasted longer that I anticipated but in the interim, I went and bought a good ole Hewlett/Packard with a DVD/CD drive that is working like a charm!

The second

wrench was being in the US for two and a half months when I only intended on staying 5 weeks.  Needless to say, I was there for the dreadful outcome of the election, which really put a damper on my spirits and made me even more grateful to have somewhere else in the world to call “home”.  Back in Egypt now, I’m finally feeling at peace again!

The third

(but not so unwelcome) wrench is, I’m having this site professionally redesigned. So after this post, it will be down briefly while going through its transformation. And I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

I have been quietly researching my genealogy and have made some of the most amazing discoveries about my ancestors that have me completely blown away. I took a trip, with my oldest sister, to the Virginia Historical Society and the Virginia Library. We were able to view some documents that had lists of slaves from the 2 largest Baskerville plantations in Mecklenburg, VA.

Additionally, I had my DNA done by Ancestry.com and got some mind-blowing results! Further, I have discovered that my paternal grandmother, Blanche Marie Baskerville (Simmons), who died when my father, Henry, was 14 years old, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery! I will be 64 years old next month and NO ONE EVER mentioned that in my life!

But if I tell you everything now…

then I won’t have anything to share when the site gets redesigned. So look out for more to be revealed in future posts.  And for goodness sake, let me know you’re reading my posts! I got an email from one of my most favorite people in the world who I had NO IDEA was reading my blog! So could you drop a sister a few lines in the comments section to let me know you’re out there? Thanks.


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