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January 2017

New and Improved Site! …and More on My Other Pursuits

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I am sooo excited about my new blog design!

Khudos to Clarke at hospdesign.com. He is the bomb! If you are ever in need of help in designing a blog, website etc., look him up and let him know I sent you. He’s not cheap but he’s worth the cost. He even makes instructional videos to walk you through everything and you will have them as a resource and reference in the future.

I have totally immersed myself in learning the Arabic language. I attend class 5 days a week from 8:30-11:00 am, an online class twice a week for 90 minutes per class and my daughter teaches a beginner’s tajweed (proper pronunciation of the language) class once a week at home. So I have been swamped and sort of overwhelmed but it’s all good! This has got to be ONE of the most difficult (if not THE most) languages to learn, or maybe this is just a function of the age I have become! Sixty-four in just 2 more weeks!

Additionally, I have started my garden for the year. Bought some compost and plants to get it going. I’m trying to have a more robust yield than I had last year, even though it wasn’t THAT bad for my first attempt at a garden in the desert! Cabbage, cauliflower and strawberry plants are in the ground. After preparing some more of the soil, I will plant seeds for corn, okra, red onions, string beans, carrots, and cucumbers. I ran out of cherry tomato seeds last year and haven’ found any here yet. there’s still time. I heard an ACE Hardware opened recently so I’ll get adventurous and find it soon.

Finally, I am still on the journey to uncover and expose my “roots”. I actually got started back in the late 80s when both my mother and aunt were alive. However, we hit so many brick walls that we gave up trying. It was not until I saw how my son-laws’ uncle traced there heritage all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) that I thought about picking up the torch and going the distance to really find out who I am. I would love nothing more than to have those of you who are interested, to travel this journey with me. Be sure to sign up to follow my blog and gain unlimited access to research findings I uncover as a result of my DNA that, over time, will evolve into the most provocative testament of how far we have come as a people, in general and the story of who I am with respect to MY ancestry, in particular. I have already made a few of the most mind boggling discoveries that I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams!

My Hiatus

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I want to apologize to my avid readers for the lengthy hiatus away from my blog. The first “wrench in the works” occurred when the super, duper, Lenovo Yoga laptop I purchased, just 2 weeks before moving to Egypt, ended up being a lemon! An emergency trip back to the US to get my house rented gave me the opportunity to ship it back to the manufacturer for a FULL refund. YAY!!!! My trip lasted longer that I anticipated but in the interim, I went and bought a good ole Hewlett/Packard with a DVD/CD drive that is working like a charm! read more